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Thank you for an excellent holiday you made for us to visit your beautiful country. The quality of the trip was above what we expected. We felt like we were being treated royally on your tour. We already miss Vietnam and want to come back your way

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Best known for its famous historical landmark from the American War, Hamburger Hill, A Luoi has many exciting and unique sites and activities to offer.

You can learn about the way of life of the Ta Oi and Pa Ko people; go trekking in forests home to the recently discovered Saola, and many other unique species; walk in the footsteps of those in the American war… Discover A Luoi in One Day, One Night and One Adventure!

Day 11 – Hue to A Luoi – 75KM

Today I explored the ancient city of Hue. Now, let me tell you that Hue is hotter than Hades. The heat and humidity just sapped the life out of me, but I was determined not to let that spoil my exploration of Hue. I have been riding through Vietnam now for eleven days, rarely meeting other tourists or back packers. So it was a culture shock to run into the tourist trap that is Hue. I heard many different accents today, French, American, Portuguese, Spanish. Then the local guides doing their level best to speak whatever lingo was needed. You have to give it to them for trying !